Saturday, June 04, 2011

If Sarah Palin was a waitress

Customer: "What's the special of the day?" 

Waitress Palin: "Our special...uh...cod. The Cod Special."

Customer: "Okay. How's that prepared and does it come with anything?"

Waitress Palin: "Well...uh...that's a good question and...uh...I appreciate you asking that question because it's good. The Special Cod is specially prepared by our fantastic chef who's just a real good, real hardworkin' American. He'll cook that right up for you, special-like, and it's just delicious. And then I'll bring it out and you'll like it, it's just real tastey."

Customer: "Okayyyyy...I'll just have the fish and chips with a Diet Coke."

Thirty minutes later, no fish and chips, no diet coke.

Customer to random other waiter: "Hey, can you get my waitress...Sarah, yeah her name was Sarah. I ordered the fish and chips with a Diet Coke thirty minutes ago and I haven't seen her since."

Random Other Waiter: "Ooh, sorry bro. Sarah just quit. Just up and quit and it was only halfway through her shift." 

Taken from NomNom83's comment on Gawker.


  1. On PlanetLotus? Save this for your bunk mates at MoveOn.

  2. I think this is pretty interesting. I'm not particularly anti-Palin, but you make clelverly and humorously point out a clear criticism of the politician, which was that she left her governship early.

  3. Charles, pretty funny. I'm not a big fan of Gov. Palin, as probably the majority of Republicans probably don't want her to be in the running either.

    @1 - who cares if it's on PlanetLotus? I do blog infrequently on an old blog that's no longer on PL, but I don't think we should expect PlanetLotus bloggers to ONLY blog about the "yellow" stuff in their lives...

    @2 - I wonder how many people from the Left criticized Senator Obama for leaving his Senate seat early? It's what politicians do sometimes.

  4. @Anonymous - PlanetLotus is Yancy Lent's personal project. He decides what to include or exclude. If my posts do not fit his threshold he is free to remove my blog. You don't have to click through just to be snarky. If you don't have anything meaningful to add please don't say anything at all.

    @Chris - I'm sure you can guess my opinion of Palin. :-) I thought this was a funny analogy.

    To your @2 - Obama left the Senate because he was elected President. I have no idea why Palin left the Governor's office, but it certainly wasn't because she won a higher political office.